2021 Unsung Heroes

Congratulations go out to the Wisconsin Law Journal’s 2021 Unsung Heroes in our LLAW community, Emily Gellings and  Jamie Kroening . A very deserving honor. Read their published profiles to learn more about them. Jamie served as LLAW president in 2008-2009. Emily Gellings served as LLAW president in 2013-2014, and currently serves as Secretary on the LLAW Board. We… Continue reading 2021 Unsung Heroes

LLAW President’s Letter- Fall 2021

LLAW President’s Letter- Fall 2021- Happy Fall!  Change. Hundreds, if not thousands, of quotes profess the benefits of change for growth and innovation and countless other reasons.   But frequent change and reactions to those changes can make one weary. So, as we enter another season where leaves are changing color and falling and temperatures are cooling, I… Continue reading LLAW President’s Letter- Fall 2021