Board of directors procedures

  1. Consists of the president, vice president/president elect, secretary, treasurer, past president, and all committee chairs.
  2. Generally meets four times annually before each quarterly meeting of the association. Additional meetings may be called as needed.
  3. Receives, considers and approves as appropriate recommendations from the officers, the committee chairs, and the membership.
  4. Prepares agendas for the quarterly meetings.
  5. Responds to the Secretary’s request for additions or corrections within one week of receiving any draft copies of meeting minutes.
  6. Assists the vice president/president elect in appointing committee chairs for the following year with due consideration to geographical distribution, type of library, experience, and level of skill required.
  7. Approves all major expenses.
  8. Sets prices for chapter publications.
  9. Performs such additional responsibilities as specified in the chapter articles of incorporation and bylaws.

Revised: August 1997