Calendar of Important Dates

June 1: Beginning of LLAW fiscal year

June 30: Committee chairs submit goals and budgets

June 30: President submits annual report to AALL

July 15: Deadline for mailing second notice of membership renewal

September 1: Nonrenewals dropped from mailing list

October 15: Deadline for filing 990-N

December 31: Deadline for filing Wisconsin Nonstock Corporation annual report

February 1: Provide print addendum to membership directory to members

March 1: Deadline for Nominating Committee announcement of slate of candidates for the next year’s officers

April 1: Deadline for mailing ballots

April 30: Deadline for return of ballots

In May: Membership renewal forms mailed

May 1: New officers announced

May 31: New committee chairs appointed

May 31: Committee chairs submit annual reports

Revised: March 2005