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AALL Spectrum

Class Action (Wis. Association of Legal Administrators newsletter)

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Colorado Lawyer

Computers in Libraries

  • Hassler, Carol. “Changing Your Domain Name in 25 Nail-Biting Steps.” November 2012.
  • Hassler, Carol. “How we did it: Oops! Quick fixing links.” July 2014.

Connecting, The Newsletter of the Computing Services SIS

  • Shucha, Bonnie. “RSS: It’s About Time” December 2005, pg. 8
  • Schucha, Bonnie. “Too much information: filtering RSS feeds.” Winter 2006.

International Military Tribunal for the Far East : a legal research guide

Law Librarians in the New Millenium

  • Bingenheimer, Amy. “Professional development by the book.” January/February 2007.
  • Noyd, Pam. “Finding balance: choosing between print and electronic sources.” November/December 2010.

Law Library Journal

Law Technology News

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  • Bannen, Carol. “Evolving into Automation: A Midwest Firm Adopts West km Software” May 2005.
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Legal Reference Services Quarterly

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Madison Magazine

  • Kingsbury, Kathryn. “Who Could Keep a Lawyer Quiet?” (features law librarian Heidi Yelk) January 2005.

Marquette Sports Law Review

  • Cervenka, Patricia. “Free shoes for primary and secondary schools: playing by the rules of Title IX” Fall 2006

PLL Perspectives

RIPS blog

Risk Management Memo

  • Schucha, Bonnie. “Blogs: The Hot New Technology for Communication and Information” 2nd Quarter 2006.

Technical Services Law Librarian

  • May, Cindy. “Two Fortnights in Sheffield: Report on a Law Librarian Exchange” March 2003.

UW Law School Newsletter

  • Zook, Jenny. “Articles and Web Sites on Identity Theft” February 2006.

The Verdict

  • Bev Butula and Diane Duffey. “The Evolving Web: Challenges for Legal Professionals” Fall 2008.
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 WisBar InsideTrack 

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Wisconsin Law Journal

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Wisconsin Lawyer

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