Getting to Know… Amy Crowder

Our final installment in the Getting to know… series features Amy Crowder, our incoming LLAW President! 

The goal of this series was to introduce you to the LLAW Executive Board and get you thinking about volunteer opportunities within your association. 

  • What is your current role with LLAW?
    • Vice President
    • Program Committee


  • What past roles have you had with LLAW?
    • Government Relations Chair


  • Briefly describe your current role and aspects you find most rewarding.
    • I appreciated the opportunity to brainstorm and help shape the focus of this year’s programs as a member of the Program Committee.
    • In my role as vice president/president-elect, I will be seeking committee chairs for 2022/23 year. In the absence or disability of the president, the vice-president/president-elect shall perform the duties of the president.


  • Why do you feel it is important to volunteer with LLAW?
    • LLAW allows you to connect with library professionals and build a community outside your individual workplace. Volunteering as a member of the Program Committee is a great way to develop programs that you and your fellow LLAW members will want to attend.