LLAW Grants News!

LLAW Grants News!

Hello LLAW members,


There is news on the LLAW Grants front: the Committee has selected three award recipients for Grants to attend the AALL Annual Meeting in Boston in July!


This has been an unusual year in which we received a total of three applications from very deserving candidates, so competition was strong!  Because we had three very stellar candidates and also since we are nearing the end of the LLAW fiscal year, we decided to expend the balance of the Grant Committee budget in order to provide awards to each of these individuals for the AALL Annual Meeting. 


Congratulations to Carol Hassler, Bev Butula and Jim Mumm on being awarded grants! Carol and Bev will both be presenting at the AALL program, Preserving and Promoting History: Libraries with Long Memories, coordinated by Kris Turner.


In addition, incoming President Liz Manriquez also is awarded a grant to attend the Meeting (one of the perks of leading LLAW!).


I am very thankful to my Grants Committee members, Elana Olson and Candace Hall Slaminski, for their wonderful assistance in the decision making process.


Please note that if you would like to apply for a professional development grant from LLAW, you’ll need to wait until June to do so!


 Diane Duffey

Research Specialist
Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c.