Getting to Know… Angela Henes

Our 4th installment in the Getting to know… series features Angela Henes, current LLAW Treasurer. 

The goal of this series is to introduce you to the LLAW Executive Board and get you thinking about volunteer opportunities within your association. 

  • What is your current role with LLAW?


  • What past roles have you had with LLAW?

Grants Committee, Member             

Placement Committee, Chair           

  • Briefly describe your current role and aspects you find most rewarding.

Oversee the finances of our professional organization.

I enjoy keeping a pulse on what is going on within our group, both at the Board and Committee levels – keeping track of the finances allows me to do that.

  • Why do you feel it is important to volunteer with LLAW?

Volunteering for a LLAW Committee or Board position shows your commitment not only to our group, but also to the profession.

Our membership numbers have declined a little over the years, so being active within LLAW and taking advantage of these opportunities is needed now more than ever.

It’s also a great way to network and strengthen relationships with our peers!