Getting to Know… Carol Schmitt

This week’s installment in the Getting to know… series features Carol Schmitt

The goal of this series is to introduce you to the LLAW Executive Board and get you thinking about volunteer opportunities within your association. 

  • What is your current role with LLAW?  I am currently the Membership Chair
  • What past roles have you had with LLAW?   Since joining LLAW I have had several roles.  I  have been Membership Chair, Programming chair, VP, President.  I did a second multi-year stint as Programming and am on back to Membership chair.  I have also served on several ad hoc committees – most currently the newsletter/blog committee rewrite
  • Briefly describe your current role and aspects you find most rewarding.  As the current Membership Chair I am responsible for coordinating and gathering members for our organizations.  Most of our members have been long time LLAW members so in that sense my job is easy.  The part I like most about membership is learning about new members to our profession and reaching out to them about LLAW.  Our membership is small but we are a active and dedicated force!
  • Why do you feel it is important to volunteer with LLAW?  I truly believe that you get out of an organization what you put into an organization.  If you are willing to volunteer and at times, roll up your sleeves to undertake some project, that benefits the organization as well as oneself.  Because LLAW is small the commitment is not so overwhelming and it is a local organization.  I continue to be amazed and awed by the skillsets of our members.  No talent or amount of time is too small.   Volunteering with LLAW is not only an investment in the organization but also an investment in your professional development and growth.   I know that I personally have been able to learn new things just by saying “I am interested or I can help”.